1º ESO Goes to the Theatre

The students from the first-year ESO class went to the theatre this morning. Here are their thoughts on The Prince and the Homeless Man


Today we went to the theatre. We saw a play about a prince who becomes homeless and a homeless person who becomes a prince. The prince wants the freedom of the homeless life, and the homeless person has looked through the windows of the palace every day and dreams of living there. At the end, the two people return to their previous positions.

The actors were very funny and at the end we had the opportunity to ask them questions. But there was a problem, because a knight used a defibrillator on the king even though the play was set in the Middle Ages. The actors were very expressive and the story was funny.



Crazy Job Interviews: Ice Cream Tester


Another great Crazy Job Interview, this time from Lucia and Patricia.

Why are you an ice cream tester?

Because I love ice cream. I haven’t had another job that I like.

What is your favourite ice cream?

Stracciatella ice cream and lemon ice cream.

Where do you work?

In Chiringuito de Pepe. Pepe told me that they need someone to test ice cream.

Ohh! And what is your parents’ opinion?

My mother’s opinion is that her job is educational.


Crazy Job Interviews: Breaker of Things

hammer-sledgehammer-mallet-tool.jpgThis week the 1st year ESO students took their turns at Crazy Job Interviews. Here’s one from Laura and Angela. 

Do you like to break things?


Why do you like to break things?

When I am stressed, I break things to destress.

Are you strong enough to break things? 

Yes I am.

What do you think of this job?

That it is funny to break things.

How much money would you like to earn?

50 million Euros.

Would you mind working some extra hours?

No, if they pay me, because if they don’t, I won’t work extra hours.



Crazy Job Interviews #2 – Pimple Squeezer

By far the grossest of our Crazy Job Interviews so far: this excellent and humourous dialogue by Malena and Aitana of 3rd ESO. 

Question: Have you ever squeezed a pimple before?

Answer: Yes, but only mine.

Q: If they splash in your face, do you feel disgusted?

A: No, I like it.

Q: Bigger or smaller?

A: The biggest.

Q: Do you use any specific mechanisms to squeeze them?

A: Yes, I put my finger on the pimple and I squeeze it.

Q: Do you enjoy when the liquid comes out?

A: Yes, I do.

Q: What do you think about people who don’t have any pimples?

A: I hate them.

An Interesting Week


Many interesting things have been happening at school this week. The 1st ESO students report…

The other class made a volcano in Science, and we think that we might make one later this week. On Monday, some students went to meetings about equality. A teacher and some older students are repainting the school fence. Also, they are painting a mural on the science block.

Crazy Job Interviews #1 – Floor Tester

The picture is of a floor of black and white tiles.
We may never look at floors the same way again!

In our afternoon English classes, we held Crazy Job Interviews, inspired by the strange questions asked in interviews for positions at Google. We invented a weird job, wrote questions to ask the “candidates”, then interviewed our classmates to decide who to hire.

This one is from Lidia and Laura from 3rd ESO. 

Would you jump off a 1m-high ladder?

Would you test a granite floor?

Have you ever tested floors?

What would you do if you fractured your skull?

a) Go to the doctor

b) Go home

c) Bleed out on the killer floor

d) Put a bandage on your head

e) Sue the company

Spanish Culture Explained: Croquetas

pexels-photo-166031.jpegBy the class of 2º de ESO

A croqueta, called a croquette in English, is a fried food in the shape of an egg. It is a typical Spanish food.. The outside is covered in breadcrumbs and it contains milk and flour, as well as other ingredients like ham, egg, cheese, chicken, fish, octopus, mushroom, and shrimp. Other less common ingredients include vegetables, mashed potato, and sauce. You can also find dessert croquetas containing chocolate.

Croquetas may be eaten with mushrooms, potatoes and bread. They can be sold as a tapa, a small plate of food that comes with a drink. Doña Croqueta was a puppet on a television show.